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Setup REST API access

Allow your developers or others to utilize your real time traffic data set to create cool features for your site or internal apps.

Before they can do that, they will need consumer key/secret credentials to your Linkpulse installation.

Set up API access by logging in on your Linkpulse installation, and go to

“Installation Settings” -> “API Access” and choose “New API Access”.

Fill in a name for the desired API access and choose active then click “Save”.

Note: this feature requires admin privileges.

Screenshot of the API adminstration

You now have an active API access account with an auto generated API Key and API Secret Hand out the API Key and API Secret to the developer and they are set to go!

Note: we recommend to setup unique API access accounts per implemtation/partners. By doing this, you will be able to disable a single access easily later on.

For more detailed information and code examples on how to utilize the Linkpulse REST API, go to here.